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MultiSTEEL...bringing the Power of AutoCAD to Steelwork Drafting and Detailing

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MultiSTEEL uses the power of AutoCAD to provide a truly flexible drafting, detailing and 3D modelling environment for structural steelwork.

It is supported on all of the major AutoCAD platforms and is also available as MultiSTEEL CAD which is powered by the latest AutoCAD OEM technology and offers a genuinely stand-alone system.

If your requirements relate to the building, steelwork fabrication, oil, gas, offshore or related industries, and you need to achieve greater productivity without excessive complexity, then look at what MultiSTEEL has to offer.

With the very latest in video training technology available through MultiSTEEL Video Tutor, you can be sure of high quality and on-going training always available on your desktop.

MultiSTEEL was developed with integration in mind. So whatever your analysis and design software, or piping, plant or 3D fabrication systems, the chances are there is already a MultiSTEEL customer productively using one of our many translators specifically designed for their industry and product.


For a full review of MultiSTEEL features please download the MultiSTEEL PDF brochure….click here.

For information on the MultiSTEEL Offshore Module click here

For information on the MultiSTEEL Tubular Coping module click here


MultiSTEEL Demonstration Videos

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1.0 Developing a Steel Framing Plan (10:00)

>How to set out a Structural Grid with MultiDRAFT
>Drawing Steel using built-in Steel Libraries
>Editing Steel and Adding steel Labels
>Automatic Cut-Backs and Trimming at connections
>Adding secondary members and trimmers

>Various types of reports are possible
>All data can be exported easily
>Itemising of steel members is automated
>Centre of Gravity feature for any 2D or 3D frame

>Creating fabrication details for Fully Welded connections
>As above, for Bolted connections
>As above, for Tubular Welded connections

>Exporting a 2D Frame into a 3D Model drawing
>Creating a 3D Grid
>Adding more Steel to the 3D Model
>Adding Stairs etc

>Using Integrator for Import and Export to different systems and data formats
>Showing an Export to STAAD
>Re-importing from STAAD
>Benefits of Integration

for further demonstrations of MultiSTEEL Integrator please click here

>Special MultiSTEEL Toolbars
>Setting up grid and Drawing out Frame
>Using Cutbacks, Labelling and Connections
>Material Listing

>Using Cold Rolled Section libraries
>Setting out tools available in MultiSTEEL
>Using the Bolting feature
>Adding Cladding Profiles

>Displaying Material List
>Developing Roof Plan
>Developiing Side Elevations

>Piperack example and the use of Set View
>Examples of live projects where MultiSTEEL used
>Integrating MultiSTEEL with Navisworks

6.1 Oil Gas and Process - Offshore Projects (12:00)

>MultiSTEEL Offshore in Oil Rig Jacket Modelling and Detailing
>How to approach complex Platework with MultiSTEEL
>Centre of Gravity feature
>Examples of Offshore Projects

>Stand-alone installation
>Network Installation
>MultiSUITE Network Licence Manager





MultiSTEEL 3D Model rendered in
3D Studio Max
(click image to enlarge)



Chemical plant structure courtesy of
Larsen & Toubro, Mumbai, India.


MultiSUITE Software released their 2011 compatible versions of MultiSTEEL and MultiREBAR in April 2010.



MultiSTEEL 3D is the leading modelling
and drafting package for steelwork
in the oil, gas and process






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