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MultiSTEEL Offshore...bringing the Power of AutoCAD to Offshore Modelling and Detailing


MultiSTEEL 3D Offshore gives designers and fabricators using AutoCAD, powerful tools for modelling and detailed drawing production for even the most complex offshore structures. It is the only Autodesk approved application that deals with complex intersecting pipe sections, and prepares the fabrication details, material lists and CNC information in the accepted industry format.

Special advanced features include:

  • Three and four leg Jacket grid generation tools.
    Grids can be symmetrical or have a vertical side.

  • Viewing tools to view any 2D plane including sloping sides. Easy preparation of 2D drawings for all frames in true view.

  • 3D Cone and solid plate node and irregular plate profiling.

  • Multiple intersecting pipe coping and export to CNC pipe and beam cutting.

  • Automatic fabrication detailing for many types of fully welded deck beams and similar members.

The Offshore Module utilises the MultiSTEEL Tubular/Pipe Connection Module for coping of all intersecting tubes/pipes, and the preparation of complete fabrication details for these elements. (See separate Data Sheet)

Latest Enhancements

MultiSTEEL can now show pipes cut back in either 2D, as 3D Polymeshes or hollow AutoCAD Solids.

The cut lengths sent to the material lists are now shown as the maximum required and take pipe wall thickness and weld angles into account.

Multiple intersections are supported and connections can be modelled anywhere in 3D space.

The advanced export to CNC, wrap around generators and cutting sketch features can be purchased as an optional module. They can also be customised to individual company requirements.

Interface Options

MultiSTEEL provides interfaces to all of the popular analysis and design packages through the Integrator family of structural translators, allowing you to create your MultiSTEEL models in AutoCAD with minimum effort.
For offshore work this now includes SESAM, SACS, STAAD and GTSTRUDL. (See Integrator Data Sheet for more information)
MultiSTEEL also reads and writes to SDNF format files.

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Download brochure...



Offshore Oil Rig Photograph

Shell Clipper Platform :
British North Sea
(courtesy of SLP Engineering Ltd)


Wellhead Jacket – 4 Leg Sleeve Piled
(62m water depth)

(Courtesy of Petrofac UK Ltd)


Wellhead Topsides – Unmanned


Drilling Equipment Transfer
from Cargo barge


Topside close up - helipad
supports not shown


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