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MultiSUITE Network Licence Manager...float your Licences for Maximum Flexibility

MultiSUITE Network Licence Manager employs the latest HASP technology (from Aladdin Systems) to allow you to utilise your software licences in the most productive and cost-effective way.

The NLM allows your licences to float on your Network from a centrally installed manager system installed on your fileserver.

A hardware lock (USB or parallel port type) on your server contains your purchased licences. If you add licences at any stage we simply supply a new hardware lock.

No Authorisation Codes required

Your licences are controlled entirely by the hardware lock and no codes are required making management of the system very straightforward.

Adding additional MultiSUITE modules, such as MultiSTEEL and MultiREBAR to the system is simple.

Because the licences float, any redundancy in the system is taking up, and the licences made available to the next user.

The NLM can also be used over a WAN, and specific advice on how to configure for this is available.

Local Installations

For simple stand-alone installations, a local lock is available (USB or parallel port), and can easily be transferred between computers such as office and mobile computers. Local locks do require separate authorisation codes.

Our licencing offers very high reliability. We do not use software locks which are prone to failure, inconvenient for transferring between computers, and can be wasteful of management time.





MultiSUITE Network Licence

The MultiSUITE Network Licence Manager
Flexible Licencing for MultiSTEEL
and MultiREBAR




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