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Training is all too often an afterthought when new CAD software is implemented. “Of course we will need a bit of training”, is a comment we all hear at times.
MultiSUITE Solutions put training at the top of the agenda because it is that important, and the best way to guarantee your CAD investment delivers the results you seek.

And the situation is actually getting more critical in the AutoCAD world as more companies adopt maintenance schemes such as the Autodesk Subscription Program, which often results in what feels like a bombardment of new versions to ever more confused and uncertain end users.

" We only use around 40% of the package. We know it can do much more"

This sentiment will no doubt ring true regarding some of the packages you own in your company, as it will for everyone who has to get to grips with new software on an almost daily basis.

What's so special about the
Video Tutor concept ?

The MultiSUITE Video Tutors combine the 3 most powerful elements required for successful CAD training.

Demonstration: Guided on-screen demonstrations of all techniques. Given the choice, we all prefer to SEE something happening, because we learn faster that way. Show me! Its our most natural and instinctive way of learning.

Description: Clear explanation of all commands and procedures by an experienced instructor with over 10 years experience of training MultiSUITE users.

Doing: Hands on practice throughout, in your own AutoCAD session.

This is what we call the 3 D’s of training, and has been made available for the first time in the MultiSUITE Video Tutor series.

These 3 components are your guarantee of success.

The Video Tutor concept is a highly efficient way of communicating and assimilating a lot of information quickly, actually with surprisingly little effort on behalf of the trainee. Although the courses are around 10 hours total length, they don't appear that long in practice, mainly because the trainee is fully engaged in the whole "3 D" process, and is involved with practical examples directly relevant to his daily work.

What are Lifetime Updates ?

Lifetime Updates apply to all MultiSUITE maintained clients, so that all new features of the product are gradually added to the course and trainees are kept right up to date with current technology and practice.

No other company offers such a comprehensive package of effective training for structural CAD designers at such reasonable cost.

Our training is the only Structural CAD Training
that contributes to CPD
(Continuous Professional Development)

All MultiSUITE Video Tutors are checked and certified under the CPD scheme for authorised training, and recognised by all of the U.K. Institutions as meeting the aims and requirements of CPD training.

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MultiSUITE Video Tutors

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DVD and Web versions are supplied, with full updates included



Enable your sound through
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The MultiSUITE Video Tutor interface on the DVD version uses a specially designed branched menu to make all topics easy to find. You can easily monitor your progress through the colour coding system







CPD Certified Training

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