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MultiSUITE Solutions: About Us

MultiSUITE Solutions helps users of the MultiSUITE applications to achieve greater productivity by providing advanced training resources, support, and consultancy.

We are the developers of the MultiSUITE Video Tutor system for CD based Video Training in the MultiSUITE, the first structural CAD training to be CPD approved.

We also provide consultancy services related to CAD applications for structural drafting, based on the MultiSUITE range for steel and concrete detailing, and also for AutoCAD usage in general.

We work closely with the developers of the software, with the aim of constantly enhancing the product itself, and the many resources required by its users particularly training and support.

The company helps maintain a worldwide distribution network of authorised dealers for the software.

Suitably qualified dealers with experience in the AutoCAD structural arena are welcome to apply to


MultiSUITE Solutions
1 Winchester Place
North Street
United Kingdom
BH15 1NX

Tel: 01202 678191
Fax: 01202 678448

For further information on the MultiSUITE please also see the corporate site

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