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1. Brochure downloads:

MultiSTEEL 2D (part of MultiSTEEL 3D, not a separate product)
MultiSTEEL Integrator

these are also available:

MultiSTEEL Offshore
MultiSTEEL Tubular
MultiSTEEL Mezzanine


MultiSUITE Video Tutors
MultiSTEEL Video Tutor
MultiREBAR Video Tutor

Corporate Logo Sheet of MultiSUITE Users

2. Installation Notes:

Brief Install Notes - MultiSUITE for full AutoCAD

Brief Install Notes - MultiSUITE CAD (OEM)

Network Installation Notes (Aladdin NetHASP)


SECURE AREA: (User ID and Password required)

3. Marketing Resources

Image Pack : web size, for higher definition please ask.

Sample Drawing Packs - for use in demonstrations etc:

MultiSTEEL 2D Drawings (11 Mbytes)
MultiSTEEL 3D Drawings (14 Mbytes)

MultiREBAR Drawings (5 Mbytes)

Download Print Quality high resolution PDF files of Brochures with Crop Marks : click here



4. Links to Sample Video Tutor Pages (these include a few sample videos) for inclusion in enquiry response emails.

MultiSTEEL Video Tutor
MultiREBAR Video Tutor

5. Links to Online Demonstration Videos: these links can be given to prospects and provide a detailed demo of the MultiSUITE online.



6. UPGRADES to the MultiSUITE Software

All upgrades are available through simple download from the MultiSUITE corporate website Please request passwords for installation as required.





Top 10 Reasons to Consider MultiSTEEL


New A2 Poster Size PDF for MultiDRAFT, MultiSTEEL, and MultiREBAR
(3 with text, 3 without text)

Latest MultiSUITE Newsletter


For further information on the MultiSUITE please also see the corporate site

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