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MultiSTEEL Integrator ...unlocks the Power of your Structural Data

MultiSTEEL Integrator provides a family of translators allowing users to Import and Export their structural data, typically steel geometry and steel parameters, to a wide range of other systems.

More and more, the structural sector is requiring greater mobility of data, to minimise the need for data re-entry at each stage of the design process, and realise the benefits of speed and integrity of data as a result.

The software provides this convenience for the MultiSTEEL user who can easily capitalise on the 2D or 3D information created in their initial drawing or model.

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MultiSTEEL Video Tutor supplementary training
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One of the many powerful features of MultiSTEEL is its ability to import and export data from other systems, providing an ideal integration tool, and more efficient use of your structural models.

MultiSTEEL will retain all of your steel geometry, section data, and attributes such as rotations, offsets, and justifications, so that you can produce an accurate model in your chosen system, in just a few seconds.

This section takes you through the process of Importing and Exporting Data, and discusses the various file formats currently used in the industry.

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13.1 Overview of MultiSTEEL Integrator

Overview of the Import and Export Process using the Integrator dialog.

This module covers Importing an Analysis model into MultiSTEEL using Integrator.  It goes through the whole process and includes creating the 3D grid, naming steel and creating Views ready for production of 2D drawings off the 3D model.

In order to work through the example users must have access to the STAAD translator and it must be authorised on their system.

This covers the Export to PDMS and familiarises the user with the various stages involved.

Also several scenarios are looked at to Change, Add, Move and Delete steel from the MultiSTEEL model and the implications of this in the process of linking to PDMS.

This video covers the Importing and Exporting of an SDNF file using Integrator.

SDNF (Steel Detailing Neutral File) is a widely used format and has become almost a standard for data exchange between structural CAD systems.

Shows how easy it is to load a MultiSTEEL model into Navisworks.  All of the intelligent steel data in your MultiSTEEL 3D model is retained and can be viewed within Navisworks, including the unique steel naming so that any clashes can be easily located and rectified later.

All of your MultiSTEEL views as normally selected in SetView are also displayed and can be selected through the right hand panel in Navisworks.

In order to use Integrator effectively it is essential to have a good grasp of Mapping Files and how to use them and modify them as well if need be.

This module also considers what happens if a section is not mapped and emphasises the need to make sure all sections are mapped in order to use all the facilities in MultiSTEEL.





MultiSTEEL Structural Model combined
with Process Piping and Plant
rendered in 3D Studio

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