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MultiSTEEL Integrator ...unlocks the Power of your Structural Data

MultiSTEEL Integrator provides a family of translators allowing users to Import and Export their structural data, typically steel geometry and steel parameters, to a wide range of other systems.

More and more, the structural sector is requiring greater mobility of data, to minimise the need for data re-entry at each stage of the design process, and realise the benefits of speed and integrity of data as a result.

The software provides this convenience for the MultiSTEEL user who can easily capitalise on the 2D or 3D information created in their initial drawing or model.

Some of Integrator's options include: (click to enlarge)


This is a typical piperack structure modelled in MultiSTEEL and ready for export to PDMS using the Integrator DATAL transfer which uses PDMS's native DATAL file format.

This is the same structure in PDMS after Import from MultiSTEEL, with full steel properties included so they can be displayed as member attributes in PDMS. The database hierarchy in PDMS is fully maintained in the transfer.





MultiSTEEL Models are fully compatible
with industry standard pipe and plant modelling systems. They link fully
intelligently, retaining all steel object data.

(Image courtesy of Jacobs Engineering)

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