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MultiREBAR Video Tutor training
for R.C. Detailing and Scheduling
on demand

The MultiREBAR Video Tutor is designed to take the hard work out of CAD training….no more tedious manuals to wade through…….just sit back, watch and listen to an expert, and learn ………FAST.

We are not just talking about the basics; this is in-depth training to ensure that you get the very best out of your software investment. And not just now, but in the future too. Because all owners of Video Tutor with MultiSUITE maintenance on their MultiREBAR software, will receive training updates to cover all new features in the product.

Flexible and Accessible Training always available

The course is truly "training on demand", when and where you need it. Find any topic in seconds through the unique interface. Less frustration and more productivity, combined with lower costs. Keeping staff trained can be surprisingly expensive and time consuming. This course is a one-off investment and provides an essential resource permanently available to all of your staff.


12 hours of DVD-based video training on your PC
30 sample drawings are provided
120 individual training topics are provided

Also covers MultiSUITE configuration issues, and many important areas of MultiDRAFT including scaling, title block customisation, layer configuration, network installations etc

MultiREBAR Video Tutor provides a complete
grounding in the use of CAD for R.C. Detailing
with the MultiREBAR system

It covers the following essential areas of detailing:

> Bar Detailing
> Bar Editing
> Labelling
> Scheduling
> Exporting Schedule Data to other formats
> Linking to CNC and Automated Fabrication systems

It also covers the following structural elements so that there is no doubt as to how the various techniques should be applied from day one.

> Beams
> Slabs
> Columns
> Flat Slabs
> Wall Detailing
> Circular Tanks
> Staircase Detailing
> Basement Detailing
> Retaining Walls
> Bridge Deck Detailing (New)

MultiREBAR Video Tutor includes full coverage of the new BS 8666: 2005 code from January 2006, the date the code came into effect.

This code includes 18 new shape codes and new styles of referencing steel grades.



MultiREBAR Video Tutor

MultiREBAR Video Tutor
2 CD pack of Training Movies
and Sample Drawings

Download brochure..

MultiREBAR Staircase Detailing

Video Training for Staircase Detailing
with MultiREBAR - the instructor will
guide you through the software
at every stage. Any sequence
can be repeated at any time.


MultiREBAR Video Tutor covers a
wide range of structure types
and detailing methods so that
your detailers are equipped
for any project.

CPD Certification Service

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