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MultiREBAR...bringing the Power of AutoCAD to Reinforced Concrete Detailing And Scheduling

MultiREBAR harnesses the power of AutoCAD in a new way, providing an interactive detailing system with a high degree of flexibility and drafting freedom, and taking detailing productivity to a new level.

MultiREBAR is the most complete concrete detailing and scheduling environment for civil and structural design offices. It is compatible with all versions of AutoCAD, ADT and similar Autodesk environments.

In use worldwide for over ten years, by thousands of customers, MultiREBAR has a proven reputation as a quality detailing package.

With the very latest in video training technology available through MultiREBAR Video Tutor, you can be sure of high quality and on-going training always available on your desktop.

Why MultiREBAR International ?

The software is not limited by national boundaries or codes. It is used worldwide, configured to local detailing standards.

Detailing can be carried out to British Codes (BS4466, BS8666) and a number of International Detailing Codes.
All relevant ACI and ASTM Standards are supported.
The system can operate in Metric or U.S. (Imperial) units.

For companies working to UK standards, MultiREBAR incorporates the bending and scheduling rules of BS4466, BS8666:2000, and BS8666:2005. A sophisticated “conversion engine” enables drawings created to one code to be updated to another.

Easy to learn

MultiREBAR simplifies the repetitive aspects of detailing. Bar details can be drawn, scheduled, labelled and edited easily. Detailing and scheduling are carried out simultaneously which provides immediate benefits in terms of drawing productivity and quality control.

Experienced detailers can put their skills to use quickly. Only limited AutoCAD knowledge is required.
Comprehensive tutorials covering all of the common detailing methods are provided.


The MultiREBAR software can be installed with the MultiSUITE Network Licence Manager allowing access to the licences from any CAD station on your network.

Drawing Bars

Drawing bars with MultiREBAR could not be simpler. Bars are drawn in a similar way to drawing an AutoCAD Line with bars automatically snapping inside predefined cover lines. No complex procedures are involved.

As new bars are created they are simultaneously allocated a bar mark and added to the drawing schedule.

AutoCAD Lines and Polylines can be formed into “intelligent bars”, allowing existing CAD drawings to be converted easily. Bars are checked for code compliance as they are drawn, ensuring correct and accurate detailing and scheduling.

Powerful Bar Editing

MultiREBAR contains many powerful editing commands, allowing changes to be incorporated quickly and easily.
As drawings are edited, all changes are validated before being automatically reflected in the schedules.

If the user prefers, bars can be copied, stretched, trimmed or extended using standard AutoCAD commands, with MultiREBAR then auditing the changes in a single operation, providing true flexibility in approach.

Advanced Detailing Features

Concrete Member Library where standard elements such as foundation bases, pile caps etc can be stored and retrieved complete with bar information. When inserted into the drawing the bars are scheduled automatically.

Linear and Non-Linear Varying Bar Ranges with automatic calculation and scheduling of varying bars (with or without grouping).

Modify bar type, size, shape, quantity or spacing.

“Check for Similar Bars” to eliminate duplicate bar marks.

Find, Rename, and Delete Bar Mark commands.

Calculation of required lap lengths, curtailment points, and anchorage lengths.

Automatic Schedules with Weight Summaries

In MultiREBAR, scheduling is an integral part of the drawing process. The schedules are created entirely within your AutoCAD drawing, and can be printed as separate sheets or plotted on the drawing.

Bar dimensions, cut lengths, quantities and weightings are calculated within the drawing instantly, allowing schedules to be produced in minutes instead of hours.

Accuracy and Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is inherent in the MultiREBAR detailing method. Built-in checks and search commands eliminate bar duplication and dimensioning errors. The MultiREBAR “Audit” command can be used at any time to check for consistency between drawing and schedules.

User Bar Shape Library

User bar shapes (SC 99) can be defined within minutes. Once defined, all users on the network can use the shape. These appear as a small “thumbnail” dimensioned sketch on the schedule in the traditional way.


MultiREBAR can be integrated very easily with existing CAD and drawing office standards.
All drafting features such as layering, text, and annotation
can be configured. Schedules can be customised within minutes to suit in-house standards, or redesigned for individual clients or projects.

Export Directly to Bar Bending

Bar information from MultiREBAR drawings can also be exported to popular estimating and production systems at the press of a button. This removes the need to re-enter bar dimension information, saving time and eliminating errors.

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MultiSUITE Software released their
AutoCAD 2015 compatible versions
in April 2014


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Each International Standard has its own toolbar set


MultiREBAR's clear and intuitive interface

















Reinforcement quantities can be
generated at any stage


User defined bar shapes can be
created in minutes


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