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MultiSUITE Mezzanine:  Demonstration and Training Videos

" Mezzanines in Minutes"

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1.0 Introduction
This introductory video explains how data is transferred from one stage in the process to the next, and this is a major factor in making the design, pricing and detailing of the floor highly efficient.
Video 1
1.1  Floor Parameters Screen:  Single Tier Mezzanine Floor
This video shows how to set up the basic dimensions and add the loadings, for a single tier floor.
1.2  The Analyse and Design tab
This is where the floor is designed and a summary of all the quantities produced for the main steelwork.
1.3  The Detailer tab for setting up Baseplates, Top Plates and other detailing parameters
This video shows how to set up your baseplate and top plates for a single tier floor, and also how to set out your joists prior to exporting the floor to AutoCAD for drawing production.
1.4  Creating Reports for Structural Calculations and Quantities
All reports are updated instantly whenever a change is made to your design. This video coves how to create reports and the various ways to use the data.
1.5  Exporting the Data to Excel and working with Quotation Builder
How to export your data and work out a price for the floor in Excel using special templates and workbooks.
2.0  Creating a Sales Drawing in 2D and 3D from the MezzoQUOTE design, using MultiSTEEL

MezzoQUOTE can transfer the model of the floor straight into AutoCAD, and it only takes a few minutes to create either a 2D sales drawing, or a 3D model complete with stairs and handrailing for client presentations.
MultiSTEEL is used in AutoCAD to generate the views, create the stairs, and display a full 3D representation of the floor.

A PDF file of the sample Sales Drawing can be downloaded by clicking here.

2.1  Designing a Multi-Tier Floor of irregular shape
Here we will redesign our floor as an Irregular-Shaped multi-tier floor. We will close up the column spacing to reduce the floor loads and adjust our beam and joist sizes to suit, which will reduce the need for over-large plates or special foundations. A PDF file of the floor can be downloaded here.


2.2 Creating the Fabrication Drawings

Once the project goes to manufacturing we can produce our fabrication drawings from the 3D model we have already used for the sales drawing. We will need details for the beams, columns and joists, and also the bracing and stairs.


Floor design




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