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Mezzanine Designer with MultiSTEEL Mezzanine

...the most powerful combination yet for designing, pricing and detailing mezzanine floors


MEZZANINE DESIGNER: for SIngle and Multi-Tier Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Designer is a full analysis, design, and quotation system for mezzanine floors that fully integrates with MultiSTEEL Mezzanine (see below).

One of its most powerful and useful features is the fact that the floor geometry, the design and the material quantities are all integrated, so that a change in requirements or parameters, say the bay spacing for example, is instantly reflected in the design, the calculations and the materials required.

It provides for the analysis and design of the following items:

Main Beams: Inner and Outer (BS 5950 Part 1: 2000)
Columns: Inner and Outer (BS 5950 Part 1: 2000)
Joists: Cold Formed (BS 5950 Part 5:1998)
Baseplates: Inner and Outer (BS 5950 Part 1: 2000)
Bracing: Diagonal (BS 5950 Part 1: 2000)

The guidance contained in the BRE Digest 437 is also referred to in the design procedure.

Fully documented calculations are produced ready for submission for Local Authority approval. Calculations can be printed, saved to PDF, or saved to Microsoft Word format.

Some of Mezzanine Designer's easy to follow screen layouts.

Mezzanine Designer can also export full 3D floor models to many different types of third party 3D detailing systems.

Floor generated directly from Mezzanine Designer in MultiSTEEL Mezzanine


MultiSTEEL MEZZANINE: for Drafting and Detailing
in AutoCAD

MultiSTEEL is the most comprehensive steel drafting environment for AutoCAD users.

It delivers the best possible accuracy and productivity in all areas of structural detailing for mezzanine floors, racking and other industrial storage structures.

MultiSTEEL Mezzanine operates in the AutoCAD environment and provides full drafting and detailing functionality for all types of mezzanine floors and ancillary structures such as stairs, handrailing, etc.

With over ten years development and continuous enhancement, MultiSTEEL allows drawings to be created with a speed and fluency that is simply impossible to achieve with standard AutoCAD.

Whether producing sales drawings, working drawings, details or as-built drawings, MultiSTEEL provides a totally flexible solution.

MultiSTEEL Mezzanine when combined with Mezzanine Designer, allows flooring proposals to be developed quickly and easily from survey data, enabling the most suitable configuration and associated costings to be arrived at as quickly as possible.

Full summaries of all materials required can be generated off the layout drawings.

Detail drawings can be created automatically with minimal further drafting work.

Typical beam fabrication detail

MultiSTEEL Mezzanine v 18 now includes:

*  Super-fast Beam and Column Detailing

*  New Staircase Styles and new Stair Detailer

*  New Handrail Styles

*  Bracing calculator and detailer for Cross-Bracing, Strut and Knee Bracing

*  Automatic Plotting sends all of your fabrication drawings to the printer in one pass

*  Full Online Video Training including all aspects of Mezzanine drafting/detailing
Our Video Training provides immediate, relevant and up-to-date training whenever you need it.



Single Tier Model


2 Tier Design Geometry


Optimised Designs with full calculation reports and material quantities are possible in minutes.


This Multi-Tier model is created automatically in AutoCAD for detailing with MultiSTEEL.


Material Quantities are updated as the floor design is modified and refined. These can be exported to Excel for further processing.



MultiSTEEL Mezzanine is available
with Autodesk OEM technology built-in.



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