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Special MultiSUITE Licencing for
the Educational Sector

MultiSUITE Solutions support the educational sector by supplying software on very favourable terms.

The MultiSUITE Network Licence Manager and Video Tutor instructional series are ideal resources for the teaching environment.

The Video Tutor can be used throughout a department and only one licence need be purchased.

Because MultiSUITE supports many International Standards it is applicable to teaching establishments the world over.

The Video Tutor’s credentials as a teaching aid are supported by its accreditation under the UK’s Continuous Professional Training (CPD) scheme, the first training of its type to receive such approval.

Its clear worked examples, described in the teaching videos, but also supplied in printed form in the MultiSUITE documentation, gives a thorough presentation of the course material.

It can be easily adapted by teaching professionals to cover a variety of structural principles and scenarios.

The material is also ideal for coursework preparation.

Typical Syllabus Topics

The software and its Video Training is relevant to:

Principles of Structural Detailing: Steelwork and Reinforced Concrete

Application of Codes of Practice

3D Solid Modelling and Tubular Geometry problems

Offshore Design

The Video Tutor training can also be used for group training in a classroom environment.





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