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MultiSTEEL Coping Module...
bringing the Power of AutoCAD
to Tubular (Pipe) Connection
Modelling and Offshore Detailing


MultiSTEEL makes powerful coping tools available for AutoCAD, helping to solve your design problems, increase your drawing efficiency, and assist right through to the fabrication process.
The accurate drafting and detailing of Tubular/Pipe connections is essential in the offshore fabrication industry.

This software module provides all of the tools necessary to achieve:-

- A high standard of drawing presentation
- Precise coping geometry in various output formats
- Optional CNC control of fabrication machinery

All of this can be achieved in a few minutes with MultiSTEEL.

Output Options

For maximum flexibility, this module can be configured to your exact requirements. It presents a number of options to allow you to achieve the required drawing style, and output of results in the most convenient format.
It is fully integrated with the rest of MultiSTEEL and can be used in conjunction with all normal MultiSUITE commands.



AutoCAD Platforms Supported

MultiSTEEL is available for the following versions of AutoCAD:

AutoCAD 2002 - 2012

Stand-alone and Network versions available.

Only MultiSTEEL provides truly flexible licensing across all AutoCAD platforms.



Pipe Coping Arrangement Drawing

Typical Tubular/Pipe GA showing accurate copings into any complex connection.
End Profiles for the shaded pipes
are shown below.


Tubular Coping Dialog Options

Tubular/Pipe Dialogue makes it easy
to select design options


Coping Toolbar


Coping Wrap Around Template

Wrap Around Coping Templates and
Tables of Offsets


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