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MultiREBAR ...unlocks the Power of AutoCAD for RC Detailing

These video demonstrations give you a comprehensive overview of MultiREBAR and illustrate why it is the leading AutoCAD Application for RC Detailing and Scheduling.

The current version of the software supports the latest release of BS 8666:2005. The demonstrations were recorded with BS 8666:2000.

The demonstrations last 60 minutes in total, but to gain a quick overview of each video just use the player's slider to advance and rewind the demonstration. The length of each video is shown.

The videos use the Flash Player and this should be available on your system by default, but if not please install by clicking here.


MultiREBAR Demonstration Videos

(Just click the heading for each section)

1.1 Introduction and Overview (7:00)

Selecting your detailing standard and working space method
MultiSUITE Drawing Setup
Creating Concrete Outlines for a Simple Pad Base
Annotation Features

Using the Draw Bar Dialog
Placing Bars in concrete outlines
Drawing links

Using Next View to range bars from section to plan view
Adding Reference Marks
Drawing bars in section

Changing range lengths
Editing with AutoCAD commands
Creating Scale Areas
Using Bar Calculators feature

MultiDRAFT Grid Setout
Using Block Libraries
Structural Annotation Tools
Special Linetypes


Beam Outlines using Outline Tools
Setting Up snap points and Cover Offsets, Lap Points and Curtailment Points
Defining a Member
Setting up first Schedule
Drawing first bar

Drawing lapping bars
Using quantity calculators
Recalling previous bars
Using AutoCAD to copy bars
Using Audit command to Update Schedule

Using cross section command
Annotating Cross Section
Adding the Member to the Concrete Member Library

2.4 Editing the Beam (5:50)

Using Stretch Member Command
Updating Bar Marks
Using the Curtailment and Embedment/Anchorage Calculators
Changing a Shape Code
Using Copy/Paste on a complete member


Ranging Bars
Multiple Ranges
Drawing Edge Bars
Using Next View
Annotation Tools


Drawing Bars from dimensions
Using Bar Lines where true views are not required
Converting AutoCAD Lines into Bars
Editing Bar Spacings
Using the Audit command to check compliance
Error trapping

4.2 Defining and Using a Shape Code 99 Bar (2:50)

Converting a dimensioned shape into a SC 99 bar to add to Library
Using the Library

4.3 Drawing Varying Bars (2:00)

Working with Varying Boundaries
Scheduling aspects of varying bars


5.1 Using MultiSCALE (3:00)

Defining scale areas
Transferring scale areas into the Layout


6.1 Schedule Summaries and Editing (2:30)

More about Schedules
Creating Summaries
Editing Schedule headers etc.


Stand alone and Network installations


Some typical MultiREBAR Projects


9.1 Some MultiREBAR Users (0:30)


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